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Claire Goldsmith Interview

Claire Goldsmith Interview

Claire Goldsmith comes from a family of eyewear giants.  As the head of the sunglasses division of the Oliver Goldsmith brand, it is blatant that Claire is also a force to be reckoned with in her own right.  With a strong education in marketing and business, Claire has definitely made some noise in the world of eyewear and will continue to make her imprint as her predecessors have.  I look forward to seeing some of the timeless/classic designs the Claire Goldsmith brand will produce.

“You won’t see faddy design innovations coming from us in 2013/14. It’s not what we are about. We do bold classic design with CG and Iconic timeless with OG. That is what you can continue to expect from us for the foreseeable future. You have to stay focussed on what you are about. Don’t get side tracked by what is going on around you.” (Claire Goldsmith, 2013)


Interview with Claire Goldsmith via Zoe Cosby


What is Claire’s outlook of the Sunglasses division?

Claire Goldsmith: The industry is vast – so we are grateful for the brands rich heritage and back catalogue of incredible designs.  It is important to retain the integrity of that heritage, but bring the brand into the 21st century through beautiful colour choice and producing sunglasses that are beautifully made, incredibly comfortable and perfectly balanced.n

What convinced her to join the family business?  

Claire Goldsmith:  She always wanted to join the family business, it was just a matter of timing. First she studied marketing and business, and followed this with working for a big blue chip company, honing her business skills, before re-launching her family’s brand.

What is Claire’s favorite sunglasses design and why?  

Claire Goldsmith: Its very hard to choose a favorite, but there is always fondness towards the styles that carry a wonderful story or anecdote. Styles worn by the great actors and personality’s such as Michael Caine and Audrey Hepburn for example.

What is your game plan for tackling the US market?

Claire Goldsmith:  Our plan for America is the same as for the rest of the world. We aim to only stock our product in the finest retailers and will continue to produce the best quality product possible.n

Would you consider going through a large distributor?

Claire Goldsmith: We currently have a brilliant distributor in the USA and have no plans to work with anyone else.

My Faves!



Claire Goldsmith: Ace Face – Matte Black Wood




Claire Goldsmith: Begbie – Black on Liquorice


Claire Goldsmith: Chalky – Electric Tortoise

Claire Goldsmith: Harris – Royalen

Claire Goldsmith: Irwin – Tokyo Tortoise


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