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3 Essential Elements to Consider When Selecting Sunglasses

3 Essential Elements to Consider When Selecting Sunglasses

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory; they protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging UV rays and can save your vision. Shopping for sunglasses can be quite the task. So much so that some people equate shopping for sunglasses to buying a car. Today, I would like to give 3 essential elements to consider when selecting sunglasses along with the pros and cons of shopping for eyewear online.




1. UV Protection
UV protection is an absolute necessity for sunglasses. If the sunglasses do not have UV-protected lenses, do not even consider purchasing them. After all, the real reason you wear sunglasses are to protect your eyes.


Too much exposure to UV rays significantly increases your chances of developing several diseases of the eye, including:
· Cataracts
· Growths on the eye
· Cancer
· Macular degeneration

To ensure your eyes are properly protected, make sure the sunglasses you purchase have lenses that are 100% UV protected.


2. Lens Options
There are several different types of lenses available, and each type offers specific advantages.

Polarized lenses – These lenses are great for activities where there is a high level of glare, including driving, water sports and bicycling.
Transitions – These lenses adjust to the changing intensities of light, which means that they will protect your eyes in various types of conditions. They get darker to block more light when it’s bright, and lighter when you are exposed to less light.
Gradient – The top of gradient lenses are the darkest because they are tinted from the top down. They are particularly good for esthetic.


3. Frame Material
The material of the frame is just as important as the lens selection. The frame material plays a key role in how comfortable, functional and safe your glasses are. Sunglass frames are made of a variety of materials, including:

Metal Alloys – if you are looking for a material that is pliable and often corrosion resistant, metal alloys are a great option.
Nylon – If you participate in a lot of performance sports, like skiing, snowboarding, soccer, or even running, nylon is a great choice. This material easily adjusts to fluctuations in temperature, which means they are flexible and retain the stiffness that is necessary to ensure they are safe.
Acetate – If you’re on a budget, plastic frames are a great choice. Acrylic and polyurethane are the most commonly used plastics to create sunglasses. This material is generally the least expensive.


Buying Online
Nowadays, shopping for sunglasses is easier than ever, thanks to the Internet. However, before you decide to buy your sunglasses online, you should take the following into consideration:


Pros: More options available, various price ranges, more content and gives more time to research and compare different options.


Cons:  You cannot try them on, one may not get what you paid for and it can be difficult to find the right size.   If a prescription is needed, it may be difficult to get an accurate prescription.  Additionally, you will not be receiving exact measurements by an eye care professional.






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