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EyeRepublic Contributor Winter 2016

EyeRepublic Contributor Winter 2016

Happy Friday EyeSeeEuphorians.  Today, I would like to share a magazine known as EyeRepublic with you all.  It is Russian based and an amazing read which revolves around eyewear, people and art!  I have had the honor to contribute to this magazine quarterly and strongly recommend this publication.  Below is the cover and article which I contributed.  Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy the article.



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Translation Below:

In today’s society technology is KING! The ability to engineer multiple styles in one pair of sunglasses is priceless and ingenious. The premium 3-D eyewear company, One6, has designed the ultimate eyewear that provides such versatility.

One6 is an Italian brand with global influence that allows for endless color combinations and interchangeability of designs without comprising quality.

One6 Glasses provides unisex designs that are functional and comfortable. The materials are produced entirely in Italy with the best eco-friendly materials. The frames are lightweight and comfortably due to the polymer used.  The lens are of the best quality and provide the highest degree of ultra violet, 100% UVA and UVB protection. The careful choice of materials and components provide the ultimate eyewear experience.

One6 Glasses are the future. The concept of interchangeability is a game changer and has set a new standard for the optical industry. One6 Glasses truly are a wonder for eyes.

Three purchasing opportunities that still maintain the complete interchangeability with all models.
1) Kit, two glasses in one (mask + round + temples)
2) single glasses (goggles or round + temples)
3) Individual elements (mask or round or temples)


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